Vegeta killing Burter



Burter is a member of the Ginyu Force. His name is a pun off the word butter.


Burter first appears with the rest of his teammates receiving orders from Frieza about their assignment. When he and his team find Vegeta and the Dragon Balls he shows off his incredible speed by retrieving a Dragon Ball that Vegeta threw within a matter of seconds. During Guldo's and Recoome fights he and Jeice watch from the sidelines. After Goku arrives and defeats Recoome very easily he and Jeice step into the battle. Goku easily dominates the two of them in battle and defeats Burter with a kick to the back. Burter is killed by Vegeta when Vegeta stomps on his neck. Burter makes an appearance with the rest of his teammates facing off against the deceased Z-Fighters on King Kai's planet. He and Jeice battle Tien only to be defeated and knocked down in to hell. Burter makes an appearance during the Great Saiyaman Saga causing trouble in hell only to be defeated by Goku and Pikkon. He also makes a cameo appearance during the movie Fusion Reborn.


Burter claims to be the fastest in the universe. However, since a power level is a measure of strength and speed, anyone who has a higher power level than him technically has greater speed as well. This was further explained in the TFS abridged series when Jeice gets tired of Burter continously calling himself the fastest in the universe. Besides his speed, Burter's attacks mostly are combination attacks with Jeice.