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The 3-star Dragon

Eis Shenron (三星龍, Sān Xīng Lóng, literally Three-Star Dragon) or Ice Shenron is one of the seven Shadow Dragons and the sixth to be fought by Goku. Eis is the dragon of the Three-Star Dragon Ball, and represents the element of ice who was (as revealed in Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files) brought forth by the wish that erased the memories of Majin Buu from everyone on Earth excluding the Z Fighters and their friends. He was also the first dragon to be defeated by a finishing attack other than the Kamehameha, unlike the rest, except for Nuova Shenron and Syn/Omega. "Eis" is the german word for "ice" and his name is most likely referring to his powers. Unlike his brother Nuova he is mostly a cheater and a coward, this is shown when he was going to give his Dragonball to Goku but as Goku was going to take it Eis went back on his word and blinded Goku.

Powers / AbilitesEdit

Eis was able to give Super Saiyan 4 Goku a run for his money this puts him over a Super Saiyan 3 in terms of Power. Eis is one of the strongest Characters in the Dragon Ball Anime.