Golden Great Ape (黄金大猿, Ōgon Ōzaru, lit. "Golden Great Monkey"), Super Great Ape (超大猿, Chō Ōzaru, lit. Super Great Monkey), or sometimes called Golden Oozaru is an alternative and far stronger type of Great Ape that is seen only in Dragon Ball GT. It is attained by Saiyans who have a tail, a sufficient power level, and are already in use of the Super Saiyan form and above before looking at either a full moon or a full planetary body (sunlight reflected from a planet apparently works equally well as Blutz Waves, as Goku used the "full Planet Earth" to transform). Aside from its fur being golden-colored and standing on end, its appearance is identical to that of a regular Great Ape (except Great Ape Baby, whose skin is inexplicably blue-colored, possibly as a result of the mutations Baby was performing on Vegeta's body). Additionally, a golden, crackling aura is sometimes visible around the user.