Nappa is a cocky and hot-headed saiyan who has been at Vegeta's side since he was a child. Nappa came to Earth with Vegeta looking for the Dragon Balls. Nappa fought first and defeated Tien. He was later defeated by Goku and killed by his friend, Vegeta. His name is a pun off of Chinese cabbage. He later appears in Dragon Ball GT after being released from Hell. After Nappa destroyed a city, Vegeta came in and told him to "split-town"(or in other words,he was giving him a chance to escape) but Nappa responded by trying to attack vegeta and thus Vegeta was forced to kill him again.

He is the co-creator of the internet meme Over 9000!

Although Nappa claims to have defeated all the Z-Fighters, this is not at all true as the only Z-Fighter Nappa himself killed was Piccolo(and that was unintentional). Yamcha was killed by a Saibamen, Chioutzu sacrificed himself and Tien put all his power in one attack and then died because of energy loss.

Power LevelEdit

Nappa was given a power level of 4000 in V Jump however this is extermly wrong seeing how once Nappa calmed down he managed to fight evenly with Goku whos power was over 8000 (not 9000 lol) seeing this Nappa should be above 7000.