Pui Pui (or Pocus) is a minion of Babidi, called a Majin, the guardian of level one in Babidi's Spaceship which housed Majin Buu's cocoon.


Pui Pui first appears in the Babidi saga as one of Babidi's warriors. He faces off against Vegeta and after a brief struggle they are transported to his home planet, Planet Voom by Babidi. Pui Pui states that he now has a advantage because his planet's gravity is ten times that of Earth. Although Vegeta contradicts this saying that he trained at 450x Earth's gravity and that if Pui Pui had trained under 500x Earth's gravity he might have an advantage. Believing that Vegeta is bluffing, Pui Pui attacks Vegeta only to be easily killed. Pui Pui makes a minor appearance in Dragon Ball GT as one of the many villains that has escaped from hell. Pui Pui faces off agains Goten only to be easily killed again.