Raditz is Goku's older biological brother and a child of Bardock. Raditz appears early in the Saiyan Saga when he lands on Earth. As he tries to find Goku he encounters Piccolo whom he easily defeats. After meeting Goku and informing him about his Saiyan heritage he kidnaps Gohan believing that the child could become very useful. Raditz encounters Goku and Piccolo again and dominates the both of them in battle. The first real damage he recieves is when Gohan attacks him in a burst of rage. Eventually Raditz is killed by Piccolo as Goku sacrificed himself so Piccolo could get a clear shot with the Special Beam Cannon and Raditz was killed along with Goku. Raditz makes an appearance in Dragon Ball GT escaping from Hell.

Power levelEdit

Possibly about 1200, as it was stated that he had about the same power level as a Saibamen, which had a power level of 1200.