Syn Shenron

Syn Shenron (一星龍, Yī Xīng Lóng; literally One-Star Dragon; Blue Waters dub Ii Shenron, in Spain: Ih Shinron/Super Ih Shinron) is the seventh and last of the Evil Shadow Dragons to appear, and the last villain to appear in Dragon Ball GT. He later transforms into Omega Shenron after absorbing all seven of the Dragon Balls into his being (this is his special power, rather than having power over elements). As Omega Shenron, he is the strongest and final villain in the series and the second strongest character, right after Gogeta in his Super Saiyan 4 form. As revealed in Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files he was born from the wish made by Mr. Popo to revive everyone on Namek that was killed at the hands of Frieza and his soldiers.


Out of all the Shadow Dragons he is the most powerful. He is also more powerful than Goku at Super Saiyan 4, it is not until the Z-Fighters give Goku their power is he able to beat Syn Shenron. Syn was able to kill Nuova Shenron with a simple beam attack meant for Goku